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Sorry folks.  I know I've been a wee naughty in keeping up with this project.  My life has been...well complicated to say the least.  Hopefully, things start to pull together here as they appear to be doing.  

In the meanwhile, I am encountering some difficulty in loading the PDFs I uploaded here.  Does anyone have any better suggestions on how to upload these?  And my need for an artist or artists still stands.

Thanks guys!
Hey All,
    As I abruptly, and unceremoniously, announced [and subsequently followed through with] I have relocated from Anchorage Alaska to the town of Roswell, New Mexico.  Stereotypically speaking, I swapped my igloo and pet polar bear for a flying saucer and little green men.  In layman's terms, SSDD [Same Sh!t Different Day].
    Anyhow, though I leave behind the greatest bunch of friends I could ever hope for...okay that came out strong, they are STILL my friends so God help me until we are good and dead.  Anyway...I miss you all even though I know I'm the single biggest antisocial misanthropic agoraphobic shut-in you could ever hope to meet.  You better visit me soon.

    Now, then, begins the epic job hunt.  Sky's the limit.  I am looking to combine my leadership talents honed through student government along along with my experience in retail.  Its one of those precarious situations where you are aware of your own ability and your desire to grow and to prove yourself but I'm not interviewing myself here.  Unfortunately.  Well probably fortunately, I am kind of a jerk.  A nice jerk, but still a jerk.  And let's not forget cynical.  I am a cynical friendly jerk.
    So if you know of any positions open in town for a cynical friendly jerk, please let me know.  Preferably something in leadership.  Must also meet my three requirements: pay better than my last job, must be intellectually invigorating, and must be full time.

    Except this isn't my resume.  This is my Deviant Journal.

    For those of you who give a crap about the G3 Project.  Its still going, its just hard since my laptop is in the shop which has all of my information.  As any writer might tell you, the second draft is never quite as good as the first.  But for now let's change the subject here.  An interactive portion: Cthulhu Mythos versus Norse Mythology.

    Who would win and why?

    I will leave you there.

Best wishes,
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I really appreciate it and glad you find it interesting. Have a great day ahead!

Apologies for my very late reply, been busy with other projects and have just recently logged in again.

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